Why Are Funeral Costs So High?


The funeral industry is worth a whopping £2 billionand funeral costs have gone up every year for the last 14 years. Rising anincredible 33% in 2016 alone! But why? The cynics may say that they are prayingon people at their most vulnerable. OTHER people, however, may refer to ourstatement at the opening of this article – EVERYTHING is getting more expensiveand that means Funeral Directors running costs.

Although, in January of this year Dignity, the UK’sonly public listed funeral company, reduced the cost of their cheapest funeralby 25% – wiping £500m off the value of their company in the process! After morethan a decade of price hikes, Watchdog launched an investigation in June to seeif people are being charged too much it looks like there may be a change in thefuneral industry – watch this space.

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