What Is A Minimalist Funeral?


A minimalist funeral is when the body is taken directly from the hospital or homeand cremated – no ceremony and no mourners. The ashes are then scattered by theundertakers or given to the family. This type of funeral costs around £1,000.

But it’s more than just about saving money.Breaking the Victorian funeral tradition, I don’t think is a bad thing. Many ofus do not have a faith – why then would you want a church service? And,watching the curtains close on the coffin although pretty dramatic, it’ssomething that we could proably do without. You know what I’d do? I’d take that£3,000 I saved on funeral costs and throw everyone a HUGE PARTY. I want myfriends to drink, dance and laugh the way we’ve always done.

Everyone will need some sort of funeral at some point we ALL should be paying a fair price for a quality service regardless of whether you opt for a horse-drawn carriage affair or get taken out of the back door of the hospital straight to the crematorium.

There are many other types offunerals available including many eco options, find out more here.

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