Will Writing

Having a Will in place enables your wishes to be communicated after your death. Our Will Writing services are personalised uniquely to you and your family arrangements, outlining your affairs and giving you peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out.

Why Should I Make a Will? 


Relatives can raise disputes over their claim to your estate, this can result in arguments and disagreements at an already difficult time. Children can be disinherited when your time comes and your partner then chooses to remarry. Assets could be frozen or even lost to the state, causing financial hardship for your family. By having a Will in place with the correct provisions depending on your circumstances, you can rest assured that your loved ones will receive the inheritance as you intended.

Should I Review My Will? 


Absolutely, having a Will and reviewing it regularly will save a great deal of anguish and despair at a time of considerable distress for those closest to you.


Why Should I Use On Point Legal Services Ltd? 


• Most importantly, our service for you is completely bespoke and designed to fit your needs, to ensure your estate goes to who you want it to. 

• Continuity of services guaranteed by Philips Trust Corporation and Taylor Rose TTKW Solicitors a top 200 law firm.

• We are members of The Society of Will Writers who administrate the Code of Practice

• On Point Legal Services Ltd for your security and peace of mind carry Professional Indemnity Insurance to the value of £2,000,000.

• Philips Trust Corporation and Taylor Rose TTKW Solicitors provides professional legal support to our business, keeping an eye on the legal and regulatory aspect of our operation.

• These well-established firms provide the assurance you need from a company dealing with something as important as writing your Will and estate planning.


What else do we do?

Our role as Estate Planners is to identify your requirements, taking you and your family through the procedures and all possible outcomes of having a Will in place. All done within the comfort of your own home with a qualified Will Writer. We will suggest and provide you with all the relevant information and options available to you, allowing you to secure your families future and to protect your estate.

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