Prepaid Funeral Plans

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Golden Charter Funeral Plans ensuring we can provide you with a plan that covers every corner of the UK. Do not put off pre-planning your funeral. Thinking ahead and putting a Funeral Plan in place now can save time, worry and expense for your family later in life.

Funeral Costs are Increasing

With funeral costs increasing dramatically, having this expense taken care of in advance can ease the burden for your loved ones at an already distressing time. By pre-planning your funeral, you will have the freedom to plan things as you wish, taking any uncertainty or difficult decisions away from your family.

What are Pre-Paid Funeral Plans? 

Unlike insurance plans or savings plans, a pre-planned/prepaid funeral arrangement is bought and paid for at today’s prices, guaranteeing that funeral expenses are covered regardless of how steeply they rise in the coming years. 

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